The Factory

LARE FIBC set up its bulk bag manufacturing plant in rural India for the purpose of providing a fast turnaround on specialty and custom bulk bags.

LARE FIBC factory is located in rural India at Tirunelveli District, State of Tamil Nadu. The factory is located in a 6-acre land operated by LARE FIBC and Energies Private Limited, an Indian entity of LARE. The factory is part of the State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (SIPCOT), which assures uninterrupted supply of power and water to the site. The factory, operations, production and quality controls are led by LARE India’s Managing Director Dr. Mayilvel Ponnusamy.

The factory is strategically located about 24 miles from Tuticorin port and 18 miles from Tuticorin Airport. The factory’s current capacity is 1000 tones per month and employs over 800 people, largely women from rural India. Our factory has implemented state-of-the-art machines used for the first time ever in South India.

LARE takes pride in employing rural women associated with Self-Help Groups (SHG). Self-help groups are an initiative of India’s governmental organizations that generally have broad anti-poverty agendas. Self-help groups are seen as instruments for goals including empowering rural women, developing leadership abilities among poor, increasing school enrollments and improving nutrition.

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